insideout is a ministry of East Waynesville Baptist Church in Waynesville, NC

4/5 summary April 14, 2009

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Our first Easter series was pretty sweet!  This was a really cool night where everything hit on all cylinders.  Multimedia was great, sound was rockin, and worship was amazing.  We opened with a really powerful video from my friends at Shift worship called Easter Drawing (no correlation to the series title).  We were able to get a massive cross in our room for a visual which looked really cool.  The bottom line was the tomb is no longer about death;  it’s about life.  Enough said!


Sing, Sing, Sing   (Chris Tomlin)

All Because of Jesus   (Fee)

Hosanna   (Hillsong United)

Your Grace is Enough   (Chris Tomlin)


3/29 summary

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We began our Easter series called “Shift” with The Triumphal Entry of Christ.  We were forced to start our Easter series a week early due to not having evening ministries on Easter Sunday the 12th.  This made message preparation and programming interesting to say the least.  But, we decided to cut out all the extra “ideas” and keep things simple.  The bottom line:  Life is no longer about who we think Jesus is; It’s about who He actually is.


Opener – Hope Now  (Addison Road)

All Because of Jesus   (Fee)

Hosanna   (Hillsong United)

I Stand Amazed   (North Point live version)


NEW Easter series! March 25, 2009

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And now we turn our attention quickly to the next series which is Easter focused.   I’m excited about the visual for this series, a huge honking cross which will be constructed on the stage.  We are introducing several new worship songs to the students over the course of the next two weeks.  I plan to hit two big events from scripture, the triumphal entry of Jesus and his death/resurrection.  I told you, very simple.  But we plan to present every element with the highest level of excellence that we possibly can.    The title of this two week series is Shift.



insideout summary for 3/22

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So we concluded our very first series “Godview” Sunday!  The title of the final message was Panoramic.  The point we presented to the students was “people who live with an ever-growing picture of God live amazing lives.”  It was pretty amazing and to be honest, our expectations were exceeded.  We had new students show up each of the three weeks with almost everyone coming back who had previously attended.  BIG WINS! 


Beautiful One  (Tree 63)

Holy is the Lord  (Chris Tomlin)

Hosanna  (Brooke Frasier/Hillsong United)


insideout summary for 3/15 March 16, 2009

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Tonight was a tremendous success for us at insideout.  Everyone who attended last week showed up again (win!) and they brought some friends (big win!).  Today was a wild day due to the funeral of my great Aunt at 2pm.  We had to hurry back to church for insideout at 5 so needless to say, I am tired.  The message tonight was part 2 of our Godview series called “Distorted” and we discussed how our view of God determines both our expectations and our responses.  Pretty big stuff for students but I think it landed.  Below is the worship set.  Have a great week.


Beautiful One  (Tree 63)

I Stand Amazed  (North Point live version)

Lead Me to the Cross  (Brooke Frasier/Hillsong United)

How Great is Our God  (Chris Tomlin)


insideout…finally! March 10, 2009

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For three weeks we have been forced to delay the launch of insideout (our new middle/high school student ministry.)  But alas, yesterday it finally happened and honestly it could not have been a better day.  Temperatures in the mid 70’s, which for me means cobian flops and jedidiah t-shirts!  To catch some of you up, we were asked to create a student ministry from scratch at the church I currently serve on staff.  That was very attractive to Rebecca and I because we did not inherit an existing program.  So, for the last three months we have been remodeling the environment, meeting with some of the most effective student ministry leaders in America, contacting excellent musicians, picking the best curriculum, and spending most of my budget!  We have a simple philosophy that says if you have a relevant, engaging environment, students (or adults for that matter) will be more receptive to what is communicated and also bring friends with them.  With a very limited budget and a church that desires to reach students, we have created, in my opinion, one of the best student environments in WNC.  I will try to post some pics this week.   We started a three week series called Godview.  Listed below is a summary of the service:


Set List:

Opener- Love Song  (Sara Bareilles)

Short game relating to the message – Perceptions determine reality.  Gave each student a stick of gum when they came in.  Everyone chewed gum at the same time.  As they were chewing, I told them I had rubbed each piece with my feet.  They perceived that was true which made them want to spit the gum out.  It wasn’t true but they perceived it to be, and that changed there response.

Your Love  (Chrystina Fincher)

Holy is the Lord  (Chris Tomlin)

How Great is our God  (Chris Tomlin)


Message – Microscopic (Week One)  No matter who we are, we all have a Godview.  And the way we think about God affects how we interact with our world.  Many people struggle because they have a negative or distorted view of God.  This first week, we will take a look at the life of one of Jesus’ closest followers who struggled for the very same reason. In the end, we want to challenge students to begin to see how their view of God shapes the way they live.



New Series starting Sunday, March 8 March 7, 2009

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New EP from Kristian Stanfill January 28, 2009

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If you haven’t heard, Kristian Stanfill is now an official Passion/sixsteps records artist.  He joins several other lightweights such as Chris Tomlin, David Crowder Band, Charlie Hall, and Matt Redman.  You probably do not recognize any of those names if you are a follower of modern worship!  (heavy sarcasm added ).  You can download the six song EP on itunes.  It rocks pretty good!